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We're trying something a little different. Real time Story Universe Creation from this site along side social media familiarization.  You will watch this unfold in real time.  From scribble sketches to storyboards to graphic novel to animations to video games to live action .

Lets see where can go from here. Right now we have some production design visualizations from sketches and pages of notes along with some storyboards still s and animated. These videos as well the products in the store are in the spirit of project funding as it develops. I pretty exided about some of the products created by this site design on Wix as it lends itself to the creations of an independent artist. This is a window into some story universes I'm excited about sharing. I hope you enjoy what I show as I go and stay for this experimental real time cross platform universe creation experiment. 

Soundtrack Vibes

The Mandala Wizards

Bombay Electrique

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